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Deana Fay Photography

My name is Deana. I live with my two furry kids, Fiona the Chihuahua and Watson the Pomeranian, in Kent, WA. I've loved photography since I was in high school and continue my love for photography to this day.

Deana - photographer/owner

Even though I love to take images of barns and flowers, my main concentration are portraits of both humans and animals along with freelancing for a media company in Taiwan.

I started with film, printing color and black & white, and like the rest of the world, have evolved to digital. I have to say I miss printing from film, which to me was the art of creating light with your hands onto paper, but I don't miss the chemical part, and I totally don't miss developing the film. Digital is a totally different beast, but I'm up for the challenges it may bring.

I am thrilled to have you to check out my images and better yet, be able to shoot for you!

Have a Beautiful Day!